Thank you for choosing to order online with our interactive order page. You will need Adobe Reader 9 or later
Click here for latest Adobe Reader

To check your version, open Adobe Reader, click on HELP and the About Line will give the version

To fill out the order page, after clicking on the link below, please follow these instructions;

1   After clicking on the link below, the Order Page will open with blue fields showing, if there aren't blue fields showing,
        click on the Highlight Existing Fields in the purple bar.

2   Start by placing the mouse pointer over the Name Field in the Billing Address Box and left click. The blue field will disapear
        and a verticle line show the start of the form field.  Fill in the information and then press the TAB key on the key board. 
        This will 'jump' to the next field to the right.  If information does not need to be entered in this field, press TAB again to
        advance to the Adress Line.  The TAB key advances the pointer from left to right and then down.

3   After filling in the form, please check that everything is correct, then

4   Press the submit button in the Purple Bar.  A 'Select Email Client' box will open, choose Desktop Email Application and then press OK

5   Depending on how your mailer works, check to see that a message is addressed to and the order form is
       attached, then press SEND.   Your order form should be on the way to us.

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