Our enamelware begins with steel and is surrounded by speckled enamel that
is kiln hardened. This produces a product that is both beautiful andextremely durable.

A)4oz. Cup $2.25
  B)12oz. Cup $4.25
  C)24oz. Cup $6.25
  D)Cream Pitcher $7.50
  E)Sugar Bowl $8.00
  F)Salt Shaker $4.50
  G)Pepper Shaker $4.50

A) 8 Cup Coffee Pot $22.95
  B) 12 Cup Coffee Pot $24.95
  C) 8 Cup Percolator $28.95
  D) 12 Cup Percolator $32.95

A)Water Pitcher $27.95
  B) 1.75 Quart Straight Pot With Bail $12.95
  C)3.5 Quart Straight Pot With Bail $17.50
  D) Oval Casserole 13X8 $24.00
  E) Ladle No Longer Available
  F) Serving Spoon 12" No Longer Available

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