No one should ever take their knives to the mall or hardware store to let
someone else sharpen them. Too often these places will put your knives on a
grinder of some sort and de-temper the blade. This leads to a knife that
will not stay sharp.

These stones rods and blocks will remove small amounts of your blade in a
traditional manner that will not harm your knife in any way. They do take
getting used to, but will reward you with a lifetime of service from your

A, B, and C, are natural Arkansas
 whetstones which are a pure form of
Novaculite rock. This stone is as scarce as
 diamonds in that the only
deposits of Novaculite  in the world are
 found in a narrow twenty-mile
section of the Ouachita Mountains around
 Hot Springs Arkansas. With proper
care(washing with soap and water and drying
after use) these sharpening stones will provide
 you with a lifetime of inexpensive American
made  service.    Paddle stones measure 8" long
1.5" wide and  .5" thick. 

These are the products we recommend.

A) Soft Arkansas Paddle Stone(for sharpening the blade) $15.50
B) Hard Arkansas Paddle Stone(for honing to a fine edge) $15.50
C) Black Arkansas Paddle Stone(for polishing to the finest edge possible)$25.50
D) Honing oil for Arkansas stones 3fl.oz. $3.50
E) Japanese Water Stone 7" long 2" wide .75" thick 600 grit No Longer Available
F) Japanese Water Stone 1000 grit No Longer Available
G) Diamond Cube 200,300,400 and 600 grit No Longer Available
H) Buck Diamond Rod(tapered for serrated edges) No Longer Available
I)  Lansky Dog Bone For Serrated Edges $8.95

How to sharpen your favorite knife

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