Mark Horvat Originals
Mark Horvat has been producing these functional works of art for nearly 30
years right next door to us in Colorado Springs.
The Blades feature 440C stainless steel. The handles are mostly mule deer.
The knives with carved handles feature hand carved and hand painted wildlife
figures, such as  the elk on this Large Bowie.
Mark also does all of his own leather work, sometimes incorporating antler
or wood in the sheath.

Large Bowie Carved Handle $250.00

A) Camp knife 6.75" blade carved antler sheath - $190.00
B) Large Hunter 5.25" carved handle leather sheath - $138.00
C) Large Drop Point 4.625" blade carved antler sheath -

A) Large Hunter Plain Handle Leather sheath 5" blade $118.00
B)Manitou Hunter Plain Handle Leather Sheath 5.25" blade $118.00
C)Slim Hunter Plain Handle Leather Sheath 4.5" blade $84.00
D) Small Drop Point Plain Handle Leather Sheath 4" blade $84.00
E) Small Hunter Plain Handle Leather Sheath 3.5" blade $58.00

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